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Tandem HSE has a wide range of high quality equipment which aims to reduce the environmental impact and make the production processes safer and rendible.

We study your needs and offer them solutions tailored to their needs.

Please contact us so that we can study your case and propose a real, effective and economically viable solution.

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Double tube boom system 15

Double Tube Boom System

Preventing the uncontrolled outflow of contaminated water and other dangerous liquids.

Sistema para contencion 02

Double Tube Boom Door System

Protection against dangerous contaminated water or other liquids as well as floods and oil spills on flowing waters.

Floodgate oekotec

Floodgate door barrier System

Floodgate door barrier System.

Barrera inflable muestra

Tube Wall barrier System

Protection against dangerous contaminated water or other liquids as well as floods and oil spills on flowing waters.


Sealing barriers

Sealing barriers

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Disposicion y extintor

Chemical storage

Design and installation of modular warehouses.

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Obturador lleno

Shutter balloon

Stoppers for the retention of any accidental pollution in case of a loss.

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Der clevere Binder unisafe gruen


The universal oil and chemical binder.

hydrex pulver grande


Water additive HYDREX gel builder

Rapid Action kit

These kits can be personally tailored. Tell us what you need and we will prepare. KIT BAG FOR A RAPID ACTION Shoulder transparent bag (or not) useful for small spills. Designed to access them quickly and easily. For its size, they are ideal for vehicles or confined spaces, due to its comfort during transport and […]

Plug Barrier 02

Sealing barrier

Used to guide the liquid spill or prevent it from entering areas. Technical characteristics: • 100% manufacturing flexible polyurethane to ensure a complete hermetic sealing. It adheres to the surface where it is placed and adapts completely. • Can contain spilled liquids and isolates leaks and spills. • Resistant to water, hydrocarbons and most chemicals […]

Surface plug

Sealing surface

This product adheres to the surface where it is put it and adapts to it easily. Allows a quick and effective seal the grills and sewages in case of an accidental spill. The adherent side is placed on the surface to be sealed. Technical characteristics: • Total sealing: 100% polyurethane; strong adherence to the ground […]


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