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legalizacion instalaciones industriales

Legalization of industrial facilities

  • Facilities subject to Pressure Appliances -AP- Regulations (RD260 2008), such as:
    • Hot water, steam or thermal fluid boilers.
    • Steam or thermal fluid pipes.
    • Compressed air systems.
    • Boiler drums, filtres, autoclaves, etc.
  • Facilities subject to IF Cold Storage Plant Regulations (RD138-2011).
  • +5kw air conditioning systems for human comfort, subject to the Regulation on Thermal Installations in Buildings -RITE- (RD1027/2007).
  • Gas connection facilities subject to the Technical Regulation on Distribution and Use of Gaseous Fuels -ICG- (RD 919/2006).
  • Low voltage installations subject to the Regulation on Low Voltage -BT- (RD842/2002).
  • High voltage installations subject to the Regulation on Technical Conditions and Safety Warranties of Substations and Transformers -AT- (RD3275/1982).

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