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ADR Safety advisor

Consultancy transport of dangerous goods ADR, RID, IMDG, IATA

The Royal Decree 1566/1999 of October 8, on safety advisers, in article 1 defines that “companies transporting dangerous goods by road, rail or waterway, or which are responsible of the process of charge and discharge associated to such transport, must appoint at least one security adviser responsible for ensuring risk prevention of people, property or the environment inherent to such activities”. RD97/2014 indicates the duties of such ADR security adviser, as stipulated.

According to the sanctioning scale published by Act 9/2013, the very severe sanction GH01.01 ”to transport, load or unload dangerous merchandise with no security advisor” is indicated, with a payable amount of €4.001.


Loading, unloading and transport operations of dangerous goods subject to the ADR, according to the following observations:

Transport Category Quantity*  Examples of loading, unloading and transport of these materials
Category 0 0 Kg. PCBs and products that have contained them. Most of the explosives and radioactive products.
Category 1 20 Kg. Bottles of toxic gases, most of all the organic peroxides and all the products of the packing group I.
Category 2 333 Kg. Bottles of flammable gases and flammable aerosols. Products of the packing group II.
Category 3 1000 Kg. Diesel, bottles of inert and oxidizing gases, acids and bases. Phosphate sludge. Solvents used. Discharged Products of the packing group III.
Category 4 It is never necessary Pneumatics. Uncleaned empty containers.

* Quantity from which it is necessary to have a security adviser.


Tandem HSE offers the following services:

  • Hiring the services of an external ADR or RID security advisor for loading, unloading or transport of products subject to ADR-RID, throughout the State, with the option of studying the possibility of extending the service to the rest of the European Community. The role of the external security advisor is based on:
    • Notifying administration of the admittance of a security adviser.
    • An initial visit to learn about the current management system and view the documentation or understand the needs of the client.
    • Development of procedures for loading, unloading and management ADR-RID.
    • Preparing manuals and explanatory sheets.
    • Customisation of our online platform Gestion ADR [ADR Management], which will manage all the required documentation.
    • Training of staff involved in the ADR management.
    • Annual maintenance service.
    • Regular visits to facilities in order to verify the degree of compliance with the system (every two months or quarterly, as agreed).
    • Preparing accident report as appropriate.
    • Drafting of the ADR annual report.
  • Hiring advisory services in management of dangerous goods ADR – RID, in companies that do not require a security adviser.
  • Hiring advisory services in management of hazardous goods IMDG and IATA, as a complement to the ADR – RID management. Drafting of Dangerous Goods and other documentation.
  • Drafting of product declassification reports of ADR, IMDG, RID or IATA standard. The necessary tests are undertaken once the products have been studied.
  • Drafting of technical reports relating to ADR, RID, IMDG or IATA on specific issues, such as: responsibility for loading, unloading, stacking systems, etc.
  • Conducting special training on “in Company” management of ADR, RID and IMDG for all staff involved with the same. + info
  • Drafting of specific loading and unloading instructions, with a visit to the plant and acknowledgment of the facilities. This shall be drawn up in accordance with the PRL department, in order to incorporate all the items deemed necessary. Training on these instructions can be given on location.

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