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Sealing barriers

These barriers are designed to prevent the dumping of a liquid, either water floods or contaminated liquids, out of the warehouse or the factory.

As APQ law dictates, the containment of the soil and the first 10 centimetres perimeter must be guaranteed against any potential flood or spill of any kind of contaminate liquid. The perimeter is easily achieved through the warehouse walls or by building a 10 cm perimeter wall. However, more difficult is stop the flood in the entrance door of the warehouse or in the loading docks.

Therefore, it is necessary to install an appropriate security system to ensure that, if an accidental spill occurs, or in case that water generated from the extinguish of a fire floods the warehouse, the contaminated liquids cannot leave the warehouse.

The classical system of putting a little obstacle to difficult the circulation of the water, has the disadvantage that in a warehouse, continuously are circulating different kind of machines, which means that, in a long-term these machines can damaged by the presence of these obstacles.

Hence, we highly recommend the installation of the “Sealing Barrier System”, to ensure that, in the event of an accidental spill or in case that water generated from the extinguish of a fire floods the warehouse, the contaminated liquids cannot pass the warehouses doors. Moreover, the “Sealing Barrier System” can be connected with the alarm system, which means that in case of fire, a flood or a spillover the Sealing Barriers are automatically lowered.

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    Sealing barriers

    Sealing barriers

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